Formular de raportare a evenimentelor cu implicarea bunurilor periculoase
1. Operator:
2. Date of occurrence:
3. Local time of occurrence:
4. Flight date:
5. Flight no:
6. Departure airport:
7. Destination airport:
8. Aircraft type:
9. Aircraft registration:
10. Location of occurrence:
11. Origin of the goods:
Description of the occurrence, including details of injury, damage, etc (if necessary continue on the reverse of this form):
13. Proper shipping name (including the technical name):
14. UN/ID no (when known):
15. Class/division (when known):
16. Subsidiary risk(s):
17. Packing group
18. Category, (class 7 only)
19. Type of packaging:
20. Packaging specification marking:
21. No of packages:
22.Quantity (or transport index, if applicable):
23. Reference no of Air Waybill:
24. Reference no of courier pouch, baggage tag, or passenger ticket:
25. Name and address of shipper, agent, passenger, etc:
26. Other relevant information (including suspected cause, any action taken):
27. Name and title of person making report:
28. Telephone no:
29. Company:
30. Reporters ref:
31. Address:
32. Signature:
33. Date:
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