Price transparency for online booking

The airlines must display the total price of the ticket since the beginning of the booking procedure online (including all the mandatory elements such as fees and surcharges), so that you can make a comparison with other offers and make an informed decision choice.

In addition to the final price, the site must clearly indicate the following information: flight fare, taxes, airport charges and other charges, surcharges or fees (e.g., those related to security or fuels).

All additional optional costs must be explicitly mentioned and to appear as proposals that the client can accept or reject them.

At the same time we inform You that, the authority responsible for protection of rights and interests of consumers and for making the state control over observance of legislation in this field is the Consumer Protection Agency. To be taken into consideration the Law on Consumer Protection no. 105 of 13 March 2003.

The rights of passengers in case of situations that may occur in the air transport are governed by the provisions of Montreal Convention of 28 May 1999 for the Unification Certain Rules Relating to international air transportation.

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