In the current civil aviation environment, sustained long-term growth in air traffic is projected, technologies are rapidly evolving, airspace users and flight operations are becoming more complex and therefore facing new challenges in the operating environment. The rapid pace of technological advances is changing the way civil aviation works and making the civil aviation system more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Harmful cyber activities can affect civil aviation in a variety of ways, from minor disruptions of operational processes to catastrophic events. Risks are intensively increasing, and there is a growing need for a sustainable cybersecurity mechanism at the international, regional and national levels.

The 39th session of the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reaffirmed the importance and urgency of protecting critical civil aviation infrastructure systems from cyberattacks, as well as the global commitments of ICAO, its member states and industry stakeholders. To work together and systematically, address cybersecurity problems in civil aviation and address the threats and risks associated with them. Resolution A39-19 "Solving Cybersecurity in Civil Aviation" identifies actions that states, and other stakeholders, need to take in this regard. 
The 39th session of the ICAO Assembly also called on ICAO to develop a comprehensive plan for cybersecurity. At the request of the Assembly, the Cyber Security Secretariat Research Team (580C) developed a cybersecurity strategy for civil aviation.

The 40th session of the ICAO Assembly adopted the A40-10 Resolution "Ensuring Cybersecurity in Civil Aviation" amended, calling on states to implement a cybersecurity strategy, emphasizing the importance of developing a plan for sustainable implementation of this strategy and ensuring a robust cybersecurity structure.




- Government decision No. 201 of 28.03.2017 on the approval of minimum mandatory cybersecurity requirements


Government decision  No. 257 of 22.11.2018 on the approval of the Information Security Strategy of the Republic of Moldova for 2019-2024 and the Action Plan for its implementation.

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