A1 - Application form for conversion of national license

A2 - Application form for validation licences issued by other ICAO contracting states

A2a - Application for acceptance of rating issued by ICAO member State

A3 – LAPL/PPL Application form

A4 - Rating Issue/ revalidation/ renewal Application form

A5 – IR/ EIR Application form

A6 - English language proficiency Application form

A7 - CPL/ ATPL licence application form based on the held licence issued in compliance with Part FCL to GD no.204/2020.

A7a - CPL/ ATPL licence application form based on the held licence issued by the aviation authority an ICAO member-state.

A8 - MPL Application form

A9 - Instructor Application form

A11 - Helicopter Examiner Application form

A28 - Application for Conversion of licenses issued by ICAO contracting member States

A88 - Application form for LAPL(S)SPL issue

A89 - Application form for LAPL(B)BPL issue

A98 - Application of appeal

Cabin crew

A22 - CC issue/ replacement/ validation Application form

A98 - Application of appeal



Practical examination


A32 - Skill test PPL(A)

A34 - Skill tets PPL(H)

A36 - Skill test LAPL(A)

A40 - Skill test CPL(H)

A42 - Skill test& proficiency check form for ATPL& MPL

A44 - Skill test IR(A)

A46 - Skill test IR(H)

A49 - Skill test/ Proficiency check CR & TR SE/  ME SPA  

A51 - Skill test/ Proficieny check TR SPH SE/ ME

A52 - TRI / SFI test (A)

A53 - (H) FI, TRI, SFI / IRI (H) test

A56 - Examiner (A) / (H) test

A97 - Skill test& Proficiency check Application form LAPL(B)  BPL

Theoretical examination


A12 – LAPL/ PPL Theoretical examination Application form

A15 – CPL/ ATPL/ MPL Theoretical Examination Application form

A90 - LAPL(S) SPL Theoretical examination Application

A91 - BPL Theoretical examination form Application


A17 - Test planning form

A27 - English level proficiency Certificate form

A29 - Release information to CAA RM form

A30 - Release information to ICAO Member States

Presidency of  RM Presidency of RM
Parliament of RM Parliament of RM
Government of RM Government of RM
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