Main tasks

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter CAA RM) has the role of regulating all activities in the field of light and ultralight aviation, unmanned aircraft operation  in the Republic of Moldova.

The main tasks of CAA RM in the field of light and ultralight aviation and Unmanned Aircraft operation (General Aviation) include:

• Creating the conditions for the development of light, ultra-light and sports aviation (General Aviation) in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the operation of this aviation branch in safe conditions for civil aeronautical operators and state operators.

• Regulation of operation of light, ultra-light aircraft and unmanned aircraft (General Aviation) on the territory and in the airspace of the Republic of Moldova.

• Supervision of the compliance of the operations of light and ultra-light aircraft and unmanned aircraft (General Aviation) with the safety requirements in the Republic of Moldova.

• Ensuring the public interest in the protection of individuals and their property in the event of the operation of light, ultralight aircraft and unmanned aicraft (General Aviation).

• Assistance of light, ultra-light, unmanned aircraft and sports aviation (General Aviation) users in scientific-technical and international cooperation.

The attributions of CAA RM for regulating and supervision of the activity of light and ultralight aviation, unmanned aircraft (hereinafter LA / ULA / UA/UAS (GA)) are listed according to the categories:

1. Certification:

Implementing the expertise of documents from LA / ULA / UA/UAS (GA) Users to provide certificates issuance (extension, renewal, suspension, revocation):

LA / ULA / UA/UAS (GA) aircraft pilot certificates and qualifications;

LA / ULA / UA/UAS (GA) Registration and Airworthiness certificates.

  • Certificates of registration of organizations and persons involved in LA / ULA / UA/UAS (GA) flight training activities

2. Inspection and supervision:

  • Compliance monitoring of individuals and legal entities carrying out flight training LA / ULA / UA/UAS (GA) in accordance with the applicable aeronautical regulations;
  • Implement planned and unplanned measures to monitor LA / ULA / UA/UAS (GA) users' compliance with flight safety and aviation safety requirements.



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