List of prohibited items

Hand luggage

1. Passengers are not allowed to bring the following items to security restricted areas and aircraft:

1. Pistols, firearms and other projectile-throwing instruments are devices capable or appearing capable of firing a projectile or causing serious injury, including:

  1. all firearms, such as pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns;
  2. toy guns, imitations and mock-ups of firearms that may be mistaken for real weapons;
  3. components of firearms, excluding optical sight;
  4. pneumatic pistols, traumatic weapons and shotguns;
  5. rocket launchers and starting pistols;
  6. crossbows, bows and arrows;
  7. harpoon shotguns and underwater rifles;
  8. Slingshots and catapults;

2. shock devices - devices designed for stun or immobilization, including:

  1. paralyzing or shock devices such as stun guns, tasers;
  2. Animal stun devices
  3. paralyzing sprays and aerosols (including tear gas, pepper spray, acid sprays and sprays that scare away animals);

3. stabbing weapons and sharp objects - stabbing-cutting objects with which you can cause serious injury, including:

  1. products intended for cutting, such as cleavers, axes, butcher knives;
  2. Open razors and blades;
  3. stationery knives;
  4. Knives with a blade of more than 6 cm;
  5. scissors with a cutting part of more than 6 cm, measured from the axis;
  6. guns for martial arts, with a piercing-cutting surface;
  7. sabers, swords and swords;

4. Working tools are tools that can be used to cause serious injury or endanger the safety of the aircraft, including:

  1. crowbars;
  2. drills and drill tips, including wireless punchers;
  3. tools with a blade or with a rod of more than 6 cm, which can be used as weapons, such as screwdrivers and chisels;
  4. saws, including portable saws with mechanical drive;
  5. bulbs;
  1. fastener pistols and air hammers for nail hammering;

5. Blunt objects that can be used to injure, including:

  1. baseball bats, softball, etc.;
  2. batons and rods such as police batons;
  3. weapons for martial arts.

6. Explosive and flammable substances are any explosive and flammable substances that may or may or may cause serious injury or may threaten the safety of the aircraft, including:

  1. Ammunition
  2. detonator capsule
  3. detonators and fuses
  4. mock-ups and mock-ups of explosive devices
  5. mines, grenades and other military-made explosive devices
  6. fireworks and other pyrotechnics
  7. smoke bombs
  8. dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives





Hold baggage

2. The following items are prohibited to be carried by passengers in hold baggage: explosive materials and substances, flame-causing devices - explosive materials and substances, flame-causing devices suitable for serious injury or endangering the safety of the aircraft, including:

  1. Ammunition;
  2. Capsule;
  3. detonators and fuses;
  4. mines, grenades and other military explosive materials;
  5. Fireworks and other pyrotechnic materials;
  6. smoke shells and smoke cartridges;
  7. dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosive materials.
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