1. Toy Unmanned Aircraft – Aircraft, designed and meant to be operated exclusively as a toy, which’s maximum takeoff mass (MTOM) is lower than 250g, having a control range limited to 50m and not equipped with:
  • GNSS sensor (satellite navigation system)
  • Technical means for audio or video capturing or broadcasting
  • bi-directional control radio link (uplink and downlink)

Operation of Toy Unmanned Aircraft, within 50m range from the remote pilot, at an altitude of less than 25m AGL in uncontrolled airspace, can be conducted without prior CAA authorization. Piloting a Toy Aircraft shall be conducted under a responsible person’s surveillance and in a safely manner.


  1. Other Unmanned Aircraft:

Open Category – UA that are operated non-commercially, for personal use only, regardless of MTOM, in uncontrolled airspace, according to national regulations.

Specific Category – UA that are operated commercially or non-commercially, in uncontrolled airspace, segregated or reserved airspace, within the limits of aviation special work, according to national regulations, regardless of MTOM.

Certified Category – UA that are operated in uncontrolled and controlled airspace, operation and crew of which are subjects to certification process according to the special operations held, regardless of MTOM.

Operation within the above categories (Open, specific and certified) requires a mandatory, written CAA authorization.

Whether the aircraft is equipped with technical means for capturing or broadcasting audio or video, the applicant for the CAA authorization will additionally provide the following documents:

  1. The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova approval
  2. The Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova approval
  3. Town Hall approval (for urban operation)
  4. The Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of Moldova approval (for aircraft registered in a foreign country)

During the CAA authorization process, the remote pilot and the UA shall be evaluated by CAA representatives.

Operation conditions for each Aircraft and Remote Pilot are stipulated in the authorization issued by the CAA.

For aircraft with MTOM higher than 150kg or conducting international flights, ICAO DOC 10019 is applicable.

Operation of any Unmanned Aircraft in the Republic of Moldova, other than Toy Unmanned Aircraft, requires an insurance.

Operation of any Unmanned Aircraft in controlled airspace or close to aerodromes, restricted areas (military bases, strategic objects, administrative buildings etc.), is prohibited

Application for the CAA authorization can be initiated by completing the following forms


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Parliament of RM Parliament of RM
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