Ground handling authorization

Certification of ground handling enterprises and those providing services in areas with limited access through airport security is performed in accordance with aviation regulation requirements, current edition RAC - HOC. Civil aviation regulations RAC-HOC set up the rules governing ground handling activity in respect of passengers, aircraft, cargo and mail, as well to provided services in the restricted areas of airports within Republic of Moldova, in order to ensure the appropriate level of safety and aviation security.

The airport categories of activities are covered by RAC-HOC:

  1. Ground handling – services, required for arrival and departure of aircraft to / from the airport. Ground handling activities are divided into the following services:
    1. Representation and accommodation - representation services and providing facilities for the location of the office air operator (hereinafter Representation and accommodation);
    2. Load control, communication and departure control system - aircraft load management, sending messages and services related to aircraft use control system (hereinafter the load control and communications);
    3. Unit load device (ULD) control - aircraft type container using management established of air operator (hereinafter Unit load device (ULD) control);
    4. Passengers and Baggage - serving passengers departing / arriving by air routes made by the operator and their luggage (hereinafter Passengers and Baggage)
    5. Freight and post office mail - processing goods and mail that is sent / received by the route served by the air operator (hereinafter Freight and post office mail);
    6. Ramp - air operator providing platform services (hereinafter Ramp);
    7. Aircraft servicing - providing aircraft maintenance services (hereinafter Aircraft servicing);
    8. Fuel and oil - insurance services with fuel and oil (hereinafter Fuel and oil);
    9. Aircraft maintenance - aircraft technical maintenance (hereinafter Aircraft Maintenance);
    10. Flight crew operation and administration - flight operations and crew administration of the air operator (hereinafter Flight crew operation and administration);
    11. Surface transport - providing ground transportation insurance services (hereinafter Surface transport);
    12. Catering services - ensuring passengers and crew with food and drinks (hereinafter Catering);
    13. Supervision and administration (for services provided by third parties) - supervising of services provided to air operator by third parties and administration of those services (hereinafter Supervision and administration);
    14. Aviation security - insurance services and protection of passengers, crew, ground service personnel, aircraft, baggage, freight, mail, food and aboard supplies against acts of unlawful interference (hereinafter Aviation security).
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