Examination of aviation personnel




Theoretical examinations of aeronautical personnel are carried out within CAA with the aim of:

• issuance of pilot licences, flight engineers licences, flight operations dispatchers licences, cabin crew attestations.

• validation of pilot licences.

• conversion of pilot c licences.

Theoretical examinations are conducted by Personnel Licensing Section (PEL) inspectors.

The theoretical examinations that the candidate must take are established depending on the licensing application submitted and the applicable requirements in force.

The applicant submits to the CAA Secretary (using the mailbox of CAA headquarters) the application for licensing purpose and the attached documents established by applicable regulations and procedures.


Theoretical examinations are planned in advance by contacting PEL inspector by e-mail or telephone, at least 5 working days in advance of the day of examination.


Before taking the theoretical examination, candidates present their identity documents to PEL inspectors.

The duration of the exam during a working day must not exceed three hours. The duration of more than three hours may result in incorrect answers due to the fatigue of the person taking the exam, but not due to lack of knowledge of correct answers.

The oral exam cannot be taken instead of the written one or in electronic form, and the written exam cannot be taken instead of the electronic one.

Examinations are conducted in English or Romanian (applicable for cabin crew members).

CAA provides the candidate with diagrams, maps, information materials and equipment necessary for answering questions.

The content of the examination files is strictly confidential, therefore the candidate cannot get acquainted with the examination database until the beginning of the examination, as well as he is not given the minutes of the examination.

If the candidate violates the rules for taking the exams (use of unauthorized information materials, electronic means, whispering) the exam is interrupted and the attempt is considered inadmissible.


The requirements for theoretical examinations for candidates applying for:

• the issuance of pilot licenses are described in the provisions of FCL.025 of HG 204/2020, FCL.120 LAPL (applicable for LAPL), FCL310 (applicable for CPL) and FCL.515(a) (applicable for ATPL) of GD no. 204/2020.

• validation of pilot licenses are described in the provisions of Annex no. 3 of GD no. 204/2020.

• conversion of pilot licenses are described in the provisions of Annex no. 2 of GD no. 204/2020.

• the issuance of cabin crew attestations are described in the provisions of CC.TRA.220(c) of GD 204/2020.

• the issuance of flight engineer licences and the revalidation/renewal of flight engineer type ratings are described in the provisions of RAC-APL 0070(2)(e), RAC-APL 0075(2)(b), respectively.

• the issuance of flight operations dispatcher licences are described in the provisions of RAC-APL 275(2)(f).

• the issuance of balloon pilot licences (BPL) are described in the provisions of BFCL.115 of GD no. 85/2023.



The scheduling of re-examinations for subjects in which a passing grade was not obtained is organized depending on the availability of the examiners. Four (4) attempts to pass the examination can be made. In case of four failed attempts in the same discipline, the candidate is required to take a theoretical training course confirmed by a certificate issued by a CAA approved/accepted training organization. The candidate can be admitted to re-examination after the expiration of 30 days from the date of the unsuccessful passing of the last examination and the repeated submission of the respective application and the attachment of the document certifying the additional theoretical training taken.


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