Examination of aviation personnel





The theoretical examinations of the aeronautical personnel are carried out within the Civil Aviation Authority RM (CAA RM).

Examination sessions for the purpose of issue / revalidation / renewal / validation of licenses, type/ class ratings, issue of aeronautical personnel authorizations (as applicable) are carried out by the inspectors of the Personnel Licensing Section.

The theoretical examinations that the candidate must take are established by the inspector of the Personnel Licensing Section depending on the certification application submitted and the applicable requirements in force.

The full examination for the crew member license or qualification for instrument flights shall include the examination for each subject, in accordance with the requirements of the RAC-APL.



- exclusively on the basis of prior appointment and on the basis of confirmation received by e-mail or telephone from the Personnel Licensing Section inspectors,

- after the verification of personal data by the Personnel Licensing Section inspectors.



The theoretical examination of the candidate is carried according to the submitted licensing application.

1. The applicant shall submit to the CAA Secretary (using the mailbox located at the entrance to the CAA headquarters) the licensing application and the attached documents established by the regulations and procedures applicable to the category of corresponding aeronautical personnel.

2. The candidate applies for the appointment for the theoretical examination by e-mail (pel@caa.gov.md) to  Personnel Licensing Section inspectors of CAA or by phone (+ 373-22-823-631, + 373-22-823-632 ) after the expiry of the period of 3 days from the submission of the application, provided that, after verification, all the documents are complete and correct.

3. The day of the theoretical examination is established in advance with at least 5 working days, in coordination with Personnel Licensing Section inspectors. Following the examination of the submitted forms, the applicant will be informed, by e-mail or telephone, about the exact date and time of the evaluation session.


The theoretical examination sessions of the aeronautical personnel will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting with 09.00. The maximum number of candidates who can participate in an examination session is 4 people per day. Candidates are admitted to the examination room from 09:00.

Day of the week













CARRY OUT OF THE THEORETICAL EXAMINATION FOR THE AERONAUTICAL PERSONNEL LICENSING The duration of the examination during a working day must not exceed three hours. The duration of more than three hours may result  incorrect answers due to the fatigue of the person taking the exam, but not due to not knowing the correct answers.


The oral exam cannot be taken instead of the written or electronic one, and the written exam cannot be taken instead of the electronic one.

Examinations are conducted in English or Romanian (for cabin crew).

CAA shall provide the candidate with the necessary diagrams, maps, information materials and equipment for answering questions.

The content of the examination sheets is strictly confidential, therefore until the beginning of the examination the candidate cannot get acquainted with the examination database, as well as he is not given the report of the examination.

If the candidate violates the rules for taking the exams (use of unauthorized information materials, electronic means, whispers) the exam is interrupted and the test is considered inadmissible.


Passing scales:

1. The grade "Admitted" for the test in a particular discipline is given to the applicant who accumulates at least 75% of the score allocated to this test. No penalty scoring will be used.

(2) The grade of "Partially Admitted" is given to the applicant who has been declared "Admitted" to at least 50% of the total number of tests. When the initial test is done in two sessions, the grade "Partially Admitted" will be obtained taking into account the grades awarded in both sessions.

(3) An applicant who has obtained the grade of "Partially Admitted" must obtain the grade "Admitted" in all tests not admitted. Dividing the review into parts (sessions) is not permitted. An examinee who failed to pass the examinations successfully after three attempts will resume the examination as in the original case. Before resuming the examination, it is necessary for the applicant to follow training courses established as considered necessary by the CAA.

(4) Subject to any other conditions established by the RAC-APL, an applicant is obliged to pass all the theoretical examinations necessary to obtain the required certificate or qualification within 18 months for ATPL (A) and 12 months for all other types. of certificates. The deadlines will be calculated from the end of the calendar month in which the candidate performed the examination or obtained the grade of "Admitted" or "Partially Admitted".

(5) An examinee who fails to pass all relevant examinations or a greater number of tests than allowed by the RAC-APL within the time period set out in paragraph (4) above shall have to resume the examination as in the original case.



 The validity of theoretical examinations taken by aeronautical personnel:

- For the purpose of awarding a CPL (A) or IR (A) the theoretical examination for which the grade of Admitted has been obtained, it will be accepted for a period of 36 months from the date when the grade of "Admitted" was first obtained or " Partially Admitted ”to the required examinations.

- Provided that CPL (A) and IR (A) are obtained in accordance with the paragraph above, the grade "Admitted" to the theoretical examination for obtaining ATPL (A) remains valid for a period of 7 years from the deadline of validity of the IR (A) qualification passed in the CPL (A) license.

- For the purpose of revalidation / renewal of type/ class ratings or issue (cabin crew certificates) / validation of aeronautical personnel certificates, the grade "Admitted" to the theoretical examination shall remain valid for a period of 6 months from the date of the successful examination.



The re-examination of the candidate takes place after the scheduling the candidate which is necessary to be coordinated with Personnel Licensing Section inspectors, through the following contacts:

e-mail: pel@caa.gov.md

tel: + 373-22-823-631

+ 373-22-823-632



In view of the pandemic situation caused by Covid-19, it is necessary for both examiners and candidates to comply with protection measures:

• social distance;

• wearing protective masks;

• sanitation of hands and equipment related to examination.

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