“CAA RM  would like to present the 2023 edition of the EASA Annual Safety Review (ASR).

The analysis presented in this review provides the most important aviation safety statistics for Europe in 2022 and a comparison with the past. It is also the data-driven input that supports the European Safety Risk Management (SRM) process and, hence, the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS).

The core document of the ASR provides both a statistical summary of aviation safety in the EASA Member States (MS) and identifies the most important safety challenges faced by European aviation today, outlining the safety risks per aviation and operational domain.

The ASR drives the identification of safety issues, which are further assessed and prioritised using the experience of EASA Member States and the aviation industry to connect the data with the current and future strategic priorities of the Agency and the safety priorities contained in the EPAS.

The safety issues that have been identified from occurrence data are provided in the ASR appendices for the different aviation domains presented in this edition and build upon the work of previous years.”

Annual Safety Review 2023

Annual Safety Recommendations Review 2023

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