“ Ensuring aviation safety through regulatory excellence.”

The role of the Civil Aviation Authority is primarily to function as the regulatory organization responsible for safety oversight of the aviation industry throughout the territory and to ensure that the Republic of Moldova aviation industry conforms to the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
The Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova safety oversight program has been implemented to promote and ensure compliance with national and international aviation regulations ICAO, EASA and standards, collectively prescribing an acceptable level of aviation safety.
In conducting regulatory audits and inspections, and documenting the activity process, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova is able to assess and demonstrate an aviation organization’s level of compliance with regulatory requirements. Adherence to the internal Quality control herein is imperative and will ensure that audit or inspection policies and procedures are uniformly applied throughout aviation activities in the CAA.
To maintain overall effectiveness of the audit or inspection activity, our approach to each organization must be one of transparency, with a high degree of professionalism, using experience, skills and communication as essential ingredients. Our audit and inspection program must be viewed as one that is fair and equitable in its application.
Complementary functional area and approval documents for each regulatory discipline have been developed to further assist staff in carrying out their audit and inspection duties.

Values that characterize our work:

  1. Safety: first and foremost safety should characterize the reason that we are in business, ensuring safety in the aviation industry.
  2. Excellence: to be characteristic of everything that the CAA RM undertakes to do.
  3. Regulatory Objectivity: to conduct the primary responsibility with objectivity and impartiality.
  4. Partnerships: strive to develop positive beneficial partnerships both internal to the organization (internal customers, staff member, board, to each other); and external to the organization (with clientele, operators, associates, colleagues, etc) in an atmosphere of teambuilding and respect.
  5. Integrity: should be an underlying value for all our activities, conduct of staff at all times should reflect integrity.
  6. Leadership: to build and promote a shared commitment to the strategic direction of the organization and the achievement of the goals and objectives towards full realization of the mission and vision, while inspiring others.