First Meeting of the EU-Moldova Joint Committee on the Common Aviation Area Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union and its M

On February 14, 2013 in Chisinau took place the First Meeting of the EU-Moldova Joint Committee. The event of a high importance offered to the both delegations the opportunity to meet in order to submit the most relevant moments after signing the Common Aviation Area Agreement between Republic of Moldova and the European Union and its Member States.

For the Moldovan side, the meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Boris GHERASIM, Deputy minister of transport and road infrastructure, as for EU – by Mr. Klaus GEIL, Head of Sector-External Aviation Policy International Transport Affairs, DG MOVE, European Commission. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Dirk SCHUEBEL, Head of UE Delegation in the Republic of Moldova.

Besides the proper discussions, a special importance represented the symbolic part which started the event. Thus, the opening meeting was noted by the both parties presenting greetings, that have talked about the contribution of this Agreement in the context of political, economic and commercial relations development. The host delegation had occasion to remark the registered progresses in the Republic of Moldova concerning the increasing benefits, as a result of the common airspace liberalization. The practical support - legal, financial or of any other nature that EU assist the Republic of Moldova through projects represents substantial facilities for a successful implementation of the European legal framework, which, in fact, has a great influence on increasing the aeronautical safety, contributes to the establishment of the fair competition conditions for all EU air carriers, enhances the prestige of the country and improves the investment climate.

By implementing common rules, EU and RM expressed the priorities aimed to increasing the opportunities for a common platform development regarding the integration in the European aviation area. Following these ideas, the delegations stated that this Joint Committee, established by the Agreement, is a remarkable innovation in comparison to the previous regulatory framework of ASA, which will ensure a continuous dialogue between the signing parties. Therefore, they will coordinate on a continuous basis the market environment, legal aspects, social effects and eventual changes to the Agreement.

To this end, Moldovan and European officials offered particular attention to the aviation market topic, the existing potential, alongside the maximum estimated performance expectations. Moldova has emphasized the liberalization consequences and the related effects to the passengers and cargo transportation. Regarding the European regulations in the field, they underlined the continuous monitoring of the amendments intended for the further implementation in the Republic of Moldova with regard to the European standards.

At the end of the meeting, the both parties welcomed the adopted decisions, mentioning the prior character of the RM – UE common aviation area liberalization process and reaffirming the mutual commitment to continue the efforts in order to obtain the desired results. Actually, this meeting confirmed that all the attendees are willing to find the best solutions regarding the high development of the aviation market, encouraging operators to enter the Republic of Moldova airspace market, therefore ensuring benefits for passengers consumers and operators as well.

15.02.2013 11:46