Air navigation

Certification activities.

- Initial certification of the air navigation service provider;
- Supervision of compliance with the conditions of the certificate;

Nr. Certificate

of Issue

Services Provider

Certified Services

Area of Responsibility

CAA RM 002






- Examination of applications for installation and operation of radio transmitters;
- Examination of the information for publishing in the Aeronautical Information Publication;
- Examination of amendments or new documents of international civil aviation organizations (ICAO, EUROCONTROL, EASA, etc.).

The implementation in the national civil aviation legislation of Standards and Recommended Practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), described in the following Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation:

  1. Annex 2 „Rules of the Air”;
  2. Annex 3 „Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation” ;
  3. Annex 10 „Aeronautical Telecommunications”;
  4. Annex 11 „Air Traffic Services”;
  5. Annex 15 „Aeronautical Information Services”;

The implementation in the national civil aviation legislation of the EUROCONTROL (European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation) standards and requirements.

Collaboration with ICAO, EUROCONTROL, EASA in the following areas:
- Air Traffic Services;
- Air space management;
- Communications;
- Navigation;
- Surveillance;
- Meteorological service for international air navigation;
- Aeronautical information management;

Strategic planning of development of the national air navigation system:

- The organization and use of the airspace of the Republic of Moldova;
- The organization of the air trafic services routes network;
- Determination with the Ministry of Defense of prohibited zones and restricted areas of airspace of the Republic of Moldova, the establishment of the flight coordination procedures for civil and military aircrafts;
- Interaction with enterprises, institutions, organizations and public authorities operating in the field of airspace use;

Elaboration of the national «Local Single Sky Implementation Plan» (LSSIP Moldova), that provides development and modernization of the national air navigation system in accordance with the Single European Sky (SES) initiative of European Commission and coordinated throughout the European Union (ECAA area).

Harmonization of policy for usage of radio frequencies allocated for civil aviation, coordination of radio frequencies.

Issuance of license for radio transmitter installation and its operation in the bands allocated for civil aviation. Assignment and registration of radio transmitter’s call -sign/ identification signals.

Registration of emergency transmitters (ELT) 406 MHz, assignment of Hexadecimal codes.

State supervision of compliance with safety requirements in the filed of air traffic services.

Final check of materials to be included in the Aeronautical Information Publication of the Republic of Moldova.